Category: artificial intelligence

Spanish Researchers Working to Curb Coronavirus Spread With Blockchain App

Researchers in Spain are racing to develop a smartphone app that leverages blockchain technology and artificial intelligence to help stem the coronavirus pandemic. A team of more than 100 researchers from the Institute of Biomedical Research of Salamanca, the University of...

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Myths and Realities: Sentiment Analysis for Crypto Assets

From an informational standpoint, the crypto market is noisy and full of unexpected events. In terms of sentiment analysis, that combination of factors is a nightmare. Instead of narrowly focusing on sentiment analysis, we should probably develop a more...

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Microsoft Is Using Blockchain to Help Firms Trust AI

One of Microsoft’s customers, Icertis, a cloud-based platform for contract management, tried out Blockchain Data Manager “in preview,” prior to the release at Ignite, and built use cases involving ethical supply chain contracts and the way certain subsidized pharmaceutical...

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