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Meet Red Date, the Little-Known Tech Firm Behind China’s Big Blockchain Vision

A driving force behind the scenes of China’s ambitious blockchain infrastructure project says he used to be skeptical of the technology. “Initially I thought blockchain, especially distributed ledger technology , had no commercial value because it was too expensive,”...

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AWS Backs $100,000 Competition to ‘Change the Face of Blockchain’

The problem: Given 1024-bit input x, compute the verifiable delay function ‘h=x^(2^t) mod N’ as fast as possible. t=2^30 N=124066695684124741398798927404814432744698427125735684128131855064976895337309138910015071214657674309443149407457493434579063840841220334555160125016331040933690674569571217337630239191517205721310197608387239846364360850220896772964978569683229449266819903414117058030106528073928633017118689826625594484331 If you can understand the above, you could be in for a portion of a $100,000 prize – that...

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JPMorgan Quietly Reboots the Blockchain Behind Its JPM Coin Cryptocurrency

The Takeaway JPMorgan’s technology teams spread across three continents have been busy updating the bank’s Quorum blockchain platform over the past six months, replacing key parts of its privacy-enhancing components. Like JPMorgan’s recently announced partnership with Microsoft Azure, the...

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