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Ex-Yang Aide Is Running for Congress with Bitcoin and UBI on His Mind

For would-be U.S. lawmaker Jonathan Herzog, financial exclusion isn’t just a talking point, it’s lived experience. When launching his congressional run, he said, Herzog went to Bank of America and Citibank and tried to open a campaign checking account,...

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What It Takes to Get a Crypto-Friendly Bank Charter in Wyoming

It’s been more than three months since Wyoming began taking applications to charter a new type of crypto-friendly bank, and no company has announced its application while a handful of firms have indicated an intent to apply.   This hasn’t...

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New York Regulator Details Changes to Contentious BitLicense

“It’s more than time to take another look at the virtual currency regulation given the passage of time, changes in the industry, maturation, sophistication and new business models,” she said. “What tweaks and changes can we make should we...

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