Category: Hacking

Mystery Hacker Tries to Steal Crypto Through Fake Google Chrome Wallet Extensions

A hacker is exploiting trust in well-known brands by creating fake cryptocurrency wallet extensions for Google Chrome that trick victims into disclosing sensitive information. Harry Denley, director of security at wallet provider MyCrypto, who identified the fake wallet extensions,...

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Cryptopia Users Win Victory in Court Case Over Crypto Assets Worth Over $100M

In the fallout from the New Zealand cryptocurrency exchange Cryptopia, users at last have a little good news. In a court ruling over how the remaining crypto assets will be distributed, Justice David Gendall at the High Court in...

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North Korean Hackers Now Using Telegram to Steal Crypto: Kaspersky

A cybersecurity firm has warned cryptocurrency users to expect more attacks from North Korea as its hackers develop “enhanced capabilities” to deliver malware through popular messaging app Telegram. Moscow-based Kaspersky Labs has been analyzing new attacks from the Lazarus...

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