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As Museums Go Dark, Crypto Art Finds Its Frame

With the lights turned off in museums and galleries thanks to the coronavirus, artists are now presenting their work in the digital glow of online showrooms.  Last month, Art Basel, an annual mecca for the globetrotting, art-buying class, showcased...

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‘MLB Champions’ Downplays ETH, Aims for Mass Market in New Game Reboot

The game once known as MLB Crypto is getting a facelift by reducing its dependency on its underlying blockchain, Ethereum.  Announced Tuesday, MLB Champions introduced a slew of new features while cutting the game’s in-app minting process for non-fungible...

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‘SkyWeaver’ Didn’t Plan for a Captive Audience of Millions but It Sure Helps

Gamers who act soon could be among the first to own a very rare game asset in the Initialized Capital-backed SkyWeaver – that is, if they play their digital cards right. SkyWeaver is a collectible card game (CCG) where...

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