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Everledger Looks Beyond Blood Diamonds With ESG Supply Chain Collaboration

Pioneering blockchain startup Everledger, famous for digitally recording the lifecycle of diamonds, is now tracking rare earth minerals including cobalt and lithium, the two essential raw materials used in batteries.  To help push this work forward, Everledger plans to...

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Old Rivals Oracle and IBM Want Their Blockchains to Talk to Each Other

Rival IT giants IBM and Oracle are working to make their blockchains communicate with each other. The groundbreaking interoperability work is happening on blockchains built using Fabric, Oracle developers said at last week’s Hyperledger Global Forum in Phoenix, Ariz....

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IBM Blockchain VP: Every Dollar Spent on Blockchain Yields $15 on Cloud

Enterprise blockchain is a catalyst for further spending at Big Blue, according to Jerry Cuomo, IBM’s vice president of blockchain technologies. “It is driving additional spend,” Cuomo said. “When you look at the direct attribution of the actual dollars...

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